INTRODUCTION:  As part of my final presentation for the PIMA Max course, I decided to host an event with family members from the Bronx, Detroit & the Bay Area, Ca.  As an artist, my process in understanding both performance and technical skills is through live performance.  I combined this element of live performance within my Max course final presentation by simulating a max patch that embodied both visual sensory effects & pre-recorded video/sound.  The pre-recorded audio was mixed together on an initial max patch that allowed me to create my own interface where specific keys on my keyboard were pressed to create the background ambiance, combined with my original narration.  Putting it all together required a live audience in which my family represented, along with a heart to heart discussion after the presentation.

*If you would like to jump right into the presentation please fast forward to the 5:30minute mark of the video below....



Curtis Mayfield,

The Makings

Art of Noise,

Moments in Love


Michael Dulin,

Simply Satie


Phoenix Augusta Bautista, NYC

Cornelia Bautista, NYC

Zora P Bautista, NYC

Jacelyn Bautista, NYC

Zuriel Bautista, Ca

Anthony Bautista, Ca

Thelma Bautista, Ca

Eja Pace, Detroit

Barry Washington, Detroit

Maisha Rodriguez, NYC

Tony Santa Ana, Ca

Fernando Singleton, NYC


Ryan Holsopple

Briggan Krauss

Andrea Sabariego

The PIMA Community

(past, present & future)